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I'm honoured to be included in a group exhibition with 3 other very talented bird artists!
Unfortunately due to our national lockdown, the exhibition was cancelled, the virtual exhibition can be viewed online at
Akaroa Powerhouse Gallery's website

Delighted to have won Highly Commended (Second) in the 2020 Purely Pastel national exhibition.
The exhibition will go ahead following our release from the lockdown, at the Dunedin Railway Art Gallery, dates to be confirmed.

"A strong eye-catching painting. Tuis are popular subject matter for artists and that makes it harder to do something that is different and original. This format and close up makes me feel like I better duck out of the way but the opportunity to be able to study the beauty of a tui draws me back in. The play between blurred and sharp rendering gives an optical quality of movement and that point of difference is what made us all weak at the knees."

New Zealand Tui Painting Pastel

Tasman National Art Awards, Mapua

Absolutely thrilled to be awarded a Merit Award in the Tasman National Art Awards with my Takahe scratchboard
"Back from the Brink"

The depiction of the Takahe is an astonishingly skilfully handled example of the notoriously difficult scraperboard technique, usually a black and white medium, cleverly augmented with coloured inks to create the wonderful iridescence of the wing feathers. Its dramatic lighting demonstrates exquisite control of light/chiaroscuro and conceptual restraint in using iridescent colour only in the wing of the bird. The colour used only in the wing leads our eye up to the uncoloured head that gave the optical illusion that there was colour.

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The Tasman National Art Awards is being held in Mapua at the Community Hall, until 12th October.
Please see their website for more information and to see the other award winners.

Other photos from the exhibition, including my pastel paintings "Winter Preening" & "Boss... Incoming"

tui pastel at tasman national art awards

Tasman National Art Awards exhibition 2019

Tasman National Art Awards exhibition 2019

Group Exhibition - Parliamentary Buildings, Wellington

Sooo thrilled to be included in this group exhibition with 7 other very talented bird artists! It will be held at Parliamentary buildings, Wellington. Artists contributing are Carol Theologo, Melissa Boardman, Chris Helliwell, Niels Meyer-Westfeld, Judi Lapsley Miller, Hannah Shand & Rachel Walker.

Artists are electing to donate a percentage of our sales back to conservation groups who are working tirelessly to bring back our native birds to our beautiful country. I’ve chosen the Hutton’s Shearwater Trust in Kaikoura whose colony was severely effected by the recent earthquakes.
10% of my sales in this exhibition donated to the Huttons Shearwater Charitable Trust, Kaikoura

The exhibition is open to the public 2 days a week, but if you’re in Wellington I can recommend a parliamentary art tour which takes in art throughout the Beehive and Bowen House, including this gallery - details on the parliament website. I did this tour and found it fascinating!

Some photos from the Opening Night...

5 new scratchboard original artworks (above)
and two pastels are included in the exhibition (bellbird above, and fantail below)

Photo credits to Linton Miller & Jakob Neal

Green Party MP Eugenie Sage (host of the exhibition at Bowen House), at her opening speech

Prints also available from the artists (displayed in drawers)



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