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"Mocha, Oliver & Cleo"

(Acrylic on Canvas) 30x20in

(Original reference photos I worked from to make a photoshop composition of these 3 furry friends)

This is the second painting commissioned by the same lovely lady, Helen from Scotland for her sister (the first painting was "Charly" which went back to Scotland for her brother). Now residing in the Taylor household in Rarangi -I happen to be good friends with Ange and we do a lot of walking together with Mocha & Cleo so I've known these two lovely dogs since they were puppies, so it was a real privilege to get the chance to paint them. Oliver was a rescue cat, once a stray and he is a larger than life character who is most definitely the boss of his chocolate comrades! This is partly the reason why he is not really to scale with the dogs but it just workes for the painting.

chocolate labrador cat painting

Absolutely loved painting these beautiful furbabies especially knowing them well... and being part of a secret squirrell operation, which involved months of planning with Helen in Scotland, secretive photo shoots of these 3, and turning the painting backon in the studio in fear of Angela turning up out of the blue!

Unfortunately I didn't get to see the surprise unveiling as was away at the time, but Helen took Angela down to my studio under the proviso she was collecting the Charly painting and these 3 just happened to be sitting on an easel in there too, love it 😀 

Closeup of the painting

chocolate labrador painting pet portrait

On the easel outside my studio, to give a sense of scale and email a photo to Helen
before varnishing to see if any final tweaks were required!

Angela's delightful surrpised face at the very moment she realised a painting of her furbabies was on the easel!

~ Testimonial from Helen McDonald, Scotland

" Thank you so much for the beautiful painting of the Taylor Furbabies - it's stunning. How we managed to pull this off without Ange getting wind of it goodness knows. She's not often left speechless.🤣
 You made a very special little sister very happy - thank you "


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