Wildlife paintings, portraits & pet portraits by New Zealand Artist Karen Neal

"Dawsons Pet Portrait"

Pastel (480x340mm)

Welsh corgi and cat painting by New Zealand pet portrait artist

Here is the portrait almost finished, bar a little tweaking here and there. I will let it sit now for a few days,
and also consult with the Dawson family to see if they require any tweaks also.

A special pastel portrait of 2 Welsh Corgis and a Ginger Tom called Ben.

These furbabies belong to Omarama couple, the Dawsons. On a trip round the south island earlier in the year, I called in and met Glenys and Craig, and of course their fur babies... Bridget & Max and their sidekick, Ben the handsome ginger tom! It was fun taking photographs of all three of them, and always great to be involved in the whole creative process in a portrait from the photographing stage, and to see the character of them all...




Below you can see the photoshopped composition from the many photographs taken. This gives the Dawsons (and myself) a chance to visualise the painting before beginning the portrait. It enables me to be able to place them on the page and find the best composition for that size.

The original photographs taken above, and the Photoshop composition below to help you visualise what the painting will look like

Painting in progress of ginger cat by NZ pet portrait artist

A combination of soft pastels and pastel pencils was used for this portrait

Blending in the background....

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