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Pastel Sketches (two commissioned), on white Clairfontaine Pastelmat

chocolate labrador paintingChino was a gorgeous chocolate labrador, much loved by her family. Sadly Chino has now passed away and is very much missed. Two pastel sketches were commissioned of Chino ( in A4 and A3 sizes) for the family themselves and also their mother as a christmas gift.

"I am pleased to say we're absolutely rapt with the sketches of our girl. We miss her dreadfully, having her so well represented in our living room almost feels like she is still with us. My great niece gave us a present for her for Christmas "to send to heaven" - she was a special and much loved girl. Thanks Karen, and be sure I am making referrals to other pet owners." ~Trish Baylis, New Plymouth


The A4 pastel sketch commissioned for Trish's mother and gifted at Xmas 2015.

Pastel pet portrait painting

Chino's pastel sketch, just prior to couriering, on the mini easel to give a sense of scale

Chocolate labrador pastel painting

The next commissioned portrait was for the Baylis family themselves, commissioned in A3 size from the same photo.
Isn't she a smiley beautiful girl. I was very much captivated by her smile, drawing her in the two different pastel sketches.

Pastel pet portrait painting

Chino was framed in Blenheim before sending to the Baylis family. Several options were sent before deciding on the final frame.
Pastel pet portrait painting


Chino's beautiful walnut frame closeup, with an iron metal fillet. The colouring complimented the sketch perfectly.



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