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"Playful Contagion"

Scratchboard (36x18in. 91.5x48cm)
Original Available

Exhibiting at the ISSA (International Society of Scratchboard Artists), exhibition being held in the Stump Hill Gallery, McLaren Vale Visitors Centre, Adelaide, South Australia, from Friday, February 10 - Thursday, March 16, 2017.

Emotional Contagion: Elephants help each other in distress, grieve for their dead, and feel the same emotions as each other - just like us. Both in the wild and in this captive study, researchers have watched other, nearby elephants react to the other elephant's distress by acting in exactly the same way. Scientists call this emotional contagion. The elephants also ran to stand beside their friend, touched her with their trunks to soothe her, and made soft chirping sounds. Sometimes one would even put her trunk inside the other's mouth, a behavior elephants find particularly comforting, the researchers say.

Reference photos (two photos) courtesy of the talented photographer John Deakin, Edinburgh. John spent some time living in South Africa, which he took these lovely photographs.

Elephant Scratchboard Artwork

In the studio, with the two entries which went to the international scratchboard exhibition in Adelaide

Karen Neal Scratchboard Artist

Progress on the scratchboard, using tattoo needles, scalpel blade and fibreglass brush


Closeup detaiing

I made a photoshop composition from John's elephant photos, two separate photos, and decided to flip the photos so the playful elephant was on the left.



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