Wildlife paintings, portraits & pet portraits by New Zealand Artist Karen Neal


(New Zealand Pied Shag) 11x14in scratchboard & inks

ORIGINAL SOLD, Limited Edition Prints available

I love seeing these beautiful birds in our estuaries and shorelines. I often see them near to where I live at Rarangi, hanging out in groups of 10 or more at the Wairau Diversion or Lagoons. It's always a sight to see them drying their wings in the ocean breeze.

Some more information on the New Zealand Pied Shag from www.nzbirdsonline

Karuhiruhi Pied Shag New Zealand artwork

Closeup detailing of the scratching etching, with tattoo needles and scalpel blade

Framed in a lovely wide wooden frame, with a handmade Italian Bellini fillet

Pied shag cormorant New Zealand wildlife artist Karen Neal

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