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Nature Beyond Series (Stewart Island Robin)

Pastel (300x420mm)

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Stewart Island robin pastel painting by wildlife artist Karen Neal

This beautiful wee bird is found only in the South Island of New Zealand, and I come across him on Ulva Island, which is a wildlife sanctuary island just off Stewart Island. I spent a bit of time quietly observing him while he flitted about on the forest floor, and he even came and walked around on my shoes (as per the photo below). It's always a delight to come across these special little birds when out walking in New Zealand's back country or forests.

Some more information on the robin from www.nzbirdsonline:
The South Island robin is a familiar bird to those who venture into the South Island back-country. It occurs in forest and scrub habitats, where it spends much time foraging on the ground, and can be recognised by its erect stance and relatively long legs. It is a territorial species, males in particular inhabiting the same patch of forest throughout their lives. Males are great songsters, particularly bachelors, singing loudly and often for many minutes at a time. Where robins are regularly exposed to people, such as along public walking tracks, they become quite confiding, often approaching to within a metre of a person sitting quietly. Juveniles will sometimes stand on a person’s boot.


Stewart Island robin painting by New Zealand wildlife artist Karen Neal

The same wee Robin on my shoes

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