Wildlife paintings, portraits & pet portraits by New Zealand Artist Karen Neal

"Our Alpine Treasure" (New Zealand Kea)

Pastel (80cm framed tondo)
Original SOLD at the Impressions Natoonal Art Awards, Nelson
(exhibition was held at Mapua, 29th September to 13th October 2018)

A cheeky larger than life kea! He will be my centre piece in the Art Expo Nelson exhibition. Endemic to New Zealand, our beautiful alpine keas are hailed as the smartest parrots on the planet, sadly their numbers are in decline - endangered because of predation of introduced mammals to NZ and other human impacts. Would you believe they were bounty hunted up until 1970 reducing their population from approximately 150,000 to around 5000 today. They have only been fully protected since 1986. They are a real treat to see if you are travelling through Arthurs Pass or are in high country areas in New Zealand. Using anthracite & pewter sparkly pan pastels for background, and soft pastels and pencils for bird detailing. He also has a little gold & copper bling in his feathers! Reference photo kindly supplied by Ailsa Howard of Kaikoura.

Open Edition Giclee Prints available

New Zealand Kea Painting Pastel

Closeup of the artwork. Anthracite pearlescent pan pastels are used in the background, with pearlescent pastels also used in the copper and gold on the keas feathers to give that iridescent sheen that keas have.

This will be framed in a lovely minimal round 80cm black frame with black metallic matboard (photo to come). Here is the kea whilst he was still on my easel, lots of colours used, such beautiful birds.

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