Wildlife paintings, portraits & pet portraits by New Zealand Artist Karen Neal

"The Monarch To Be"

24x36in scratchboard
Original now sold

A red deer stag with 15 points, almost a monarch, hence his title! A large scratchboard @ 24in wide x 36in, this artwork was a few months in the making. I always enjoyed creating art of these beautiful animals.
With special thanks to Karen Deakin, a photographer from Edinburgh Scotland for the reference photo.

Open Edition Giclee Prints and Fine Art Cards now available.


Stag painting artwork

24x36 inches in size, he would be almost lifesized

Stags Cradle scratchboard

It's a very classy frame with a silver thread running through it, perfect for this size artwork.
Framed by Seymour Picture Framing, Blenheim with the lovely wide Larson Juhl NZ Majorca moulding.

Stags Cradle scratchboard framed

Closeup of the artwork

closeup scratchboard work

Using tattoo needles, #11 scalpel blade and fibreglass brushes to get the different textures and etchings

Some closer 'work in progress' photos to show how the etched markings with various scratchboard tools is done

On the easel with myself (and my cat Beetle) modelling, to give a sense of scale of the artwork



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