Wildlife paintings, portraits & pet portraits by New Zealand Artist Karen Neal

"It's All In Our Hands"

Pastel on Colourfix Paper, 46x67cm


Original painting was donated to the Marlborough SPCA, and auctioned for $550 at a charity dinner, of which 25% was donated to Yayorin Orangutan Indonesia (story below).

It's long been on my wishlist to paint the amazingly gentle & beautiful red-haired apes, the endangered Orangutan.

The word Orangutan comes from the Malay words "Orang" (man), and "(h)utan" (forest), hence "man of the forest".

With thanks to Jason Houston for his lovely photographs as a reference for this painting. In these photos, I was captured by the little orang baby's fascination with his wee hands, in contrast to the size of his mother's huge gentle hands.

Jason spent some time with these released formerly captive orangutans, in Lamandau River Wildlife Reserve. Funded & managed by a small non-government organisation in Yayorin in Central Kalimantan (Indonesian Borneo). These beautiful animals have been displaced by the relentless devastation of their rainforest home for palm oil production. Through wildlife & conservation groups, the Borneon Orangutan can be rehabilitated and prepared to ultimately be returned to their natural environment, the wild rainforest home.

With the sale of this painting, 25% was also donated to Yayorin Orangutan Indonesia.
They also have a facebook fanpage Yayasin Orangutan Indonesia.

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I'm delighted to have this painting included in a cancer charity art book which
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